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  • Approval only required once
  • Promotional offers and discounts offered


  • Daily interest rate along with APR
  • Fees for lines of credit

What You Need to Know

You are only required to apply for a CashNetUSA line of credit once. After you have approval, you can draw money from your line of credit at any time. To receive money, you must have the available credit. The funds can be in your bank account the day after you request it.

CashNetUSA offers exclusive discounts and promotional offers. To know about these different offers, you must choose to receive CashNetUSA communications. You can do this by logging in to your online account and changing your contact preferences.

CashNetUSA lines of credit have a daily and annual interest rate. The daily rate is 0.8192 percent. The annual percentage rate for CashNetUSA lines of credit is 299 percent. You pay both interest rates in the repayment of your loan.

The CashNetUSA lines of credit have a variety of fees. Each time you draw money from your line of credit, there is a fee of 15 percent of the amount drawn. There is a fee if your payment is ten days or later. That fee is $15 or 15 percent of the remaining balance, whichever is the greater amount.

Qualifications to Apply for CashNetUSA Loans

Useful Information About CashNetUSA Loans

Additional Relevant Information

CashNetUSA offers a savings program. This program offers special discounts with savings for customers. These include coupons for dining, shopping, and entertainment options. Once you are a customer, log in to your account to see what discounts are available to you. The savings program may not be available in every state.

Your repayment plan depends on your payday. If you get paid twice a month, you must make payments to your CashNetUSA line of credit twice a month. CashNetUSA decides the minimum payment off a percentage of your remaining loan amount. You do not get to choose how much money you would like to repay or how often you make the payments.

CashNetUSA loans are not available in every state. They do not provide loans or lines of credit in these states:

History and Achievements

CashNetUSA started in 2004. Since they started, they have helped over three million customers. They offer payday loans, installment loans, and personal lines of credit. The products offered depends on where the applicant lives.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I apply for a loan entirely online?

Yes. The payday loan and personal line of credit applications are completely online.

What is the lowest my credit score can be?

CashNetUSA does not set a minimum credit score. Eligibility can depend on several factors including, debt, income, and credit history length.

What is the smallest loan amount available?

The loan and line of credit amounts depend on the state where you live. The smallest amount is $100.

What is the largest loan amount available?

The largest loan amount or line of credit is $5,000. This amount may not be available in all states. The amount depends on where you live.

What are the loan term lengths?

Term lengths for payday loans and CashNetUSA's line of credit are typically short. Some loans must be paid off by your next payday. Your loan term depends on your qualifications.

Are the interest rates competitive?

The interest rates for the CashNetUSA line of credit are high. They are similar rates to payday loans.

Are the interest rates fixed?

Yes. The interest rates for CashNetUSA's line of credit offers fixed interest rates.

What types of loans are available?

The type of loan depends on where you live. CashNetUSA offers lines of credit and payday loans. These are not available in every state.

What information do I need to apply for a loan?

CashNetUSA requires a valid address, email, and SSN. You must verify your income, employment, and have an active checking account. Other information may be necessary to complete your application.

How long does approval take?

Approval may come immediately after you apply for a payday loan or line of credit. CashNetUSA approval depends on your qualifications and if other information is necessary.

How long will it take the money to enter my account after approval?

Some applications fund the same business day. Other accounts may take longer, depending on qualifications.

If I have been denied a loan before, how long do I have to wait to apply again

If CashNetUSA denies your application, you must wait 30 days before reapplying.

What are the payment options to repay my loan?

You can make payments bi-weekly, bi-monthly, or monthly. Your payday may determine when you must make payments. You can make payments through checks or automatic withdrawals from your bank account.

Can I pay my loan off early?

Yes. There is no penalty for paying your loan off early. Log in to your account or contact customer service to pay the loan off.

Is my information secure?

CashNetUSA offers security measures that comply with federal laws. Their computers, buildings, and files are secure.

Does this loan company offer a mobile app?

Yes. CashNetUSA does offer a mobile app.

How do I contact customer service?

Customer service is available by phone, email, or online chat. Their hours are Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. CT. Saturday from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Sunday from 10 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. CT. You can follow CashNetUSA on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

Bank Contact Information

P.O. Box 206739
Dallas, TX 75320-6739